So, you’ve got a maternity session coming up and you’re wondering what is the best way to prepare! Look no further.

Here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your session!


I highly suggest going on pinterest to find poses that you love and hope to recreate. If you have any original ideas, please communicate them! Photographers love when clients are involved in their sessions. It helps ensure that the client will be as happy as possible with their photos and overall experience. 

Here are a few ideas from my recent maternity session:


Remember, there are many photos online to get inspired by!

What to wear:


The good news is, there is no right or wrong way to dress for your session! Depending on the look you’re hoping to achieve, there are different outfits and colors that can help bring out the look you’re hoping to achieve.  

For “light and bright” photos, it’s best to stick to wearing light or pastel colors.

If you like the bolder look, any darker color will be beautiful!

It’s optional, however, if you want to buy a specific dress for the session, there are dresses made for maternity photography! Here, I will attach a few links to some you can find on amazon.

Remember, you don’t have to buy a specific maternity photography dress in order to get beautiful results!  Any regular maternity dress will work just as well! It is all dependent on what how you want to look. I would recommend checking out Pink Blush Maternity online if you don’t already have an outfit picked out and you don’t want to wear the style linked above. They have some very cute options! Other options include Motherhood Maternity, Target, and any other store that sells maternity clothes.

Side note: You don’t have to wear a dress. Pictures will turn out great even if you want to wear something else!


For family members who will also be in the pictures, try to do your best to match the desired color scheme. If you want light and bright pictures, and you’re wearing a light pastel pink dress, it’s probably not going to look too great if your husband is wearing a bright colored patterned shirt. I would recommend a button down shirt that is either white, or matches the light color of your outfit. If you’re going for a bolder colored outfit, aim to get the outfits of the other people pictured as close to the color scheme as possible unless you want to stand out. In that case, have everyone else is light muted colors so that the boldness of your outfit really shows!



“Where should I take my maternity pictures?” There are lots of great places to have a session. Beaches, parks, an open field, a forest, even your house! If you want them outdoors, anywhere with open space and a nice scenery would be beautiful.  If you prefer the indoor and personal “at home” type of session, then your house becomes the perfect location.


Googling nearby parks and beaches is a great start to finding your location.  Always ask your photographer for suggestions, they will know at least a few locations for you to consider based on your desired location type.


There are great accessories you can find to help personalize your session! Your photographer may have some they can provide, so it’s always a good idea to ask! Balloons, scarves, flower crowns, wraps, and banners are just a few of the possibilities ! Etsy has some great maternity props here.  If you know the gender and/or name, you can use these props to personalize the pictures even more!


If you have lost a baby and hope to incorporate a rainbow theme, you can use rainbow colored balloons, a rainbow flower crown, rainbow scarves, and this rainbow wrap for your belly (that can later also be used during your newborn session). There are other options as well, these are just a few suggestions!


Preparing your children:

Understandably, kids are not always in the mood to participate in photoshoots.  If the session is a mini session, the pressure is even higher to get great shots in a short amount of time. We always hope for the best, but there are a few things to remember that may help the session go smoothly. 

  1. Try to have them well rested. Skipping a nap before a session may not bring out happy faces in the pictures.
  2. Give them snacks or a meal before. Hanger is real, adult or child. Bringing some snacks to the shoot is also a good idea in case they get hungry during the process!
  3. Aim to have them comfortable in their outfit. It may be the cutest outfit in the world, but if it’s scratching them or rubbing them wrong, their faces will show it in the pictures. Try to find something they don’t mind wearing.
  4. Toys. If they will not be in every shot, remember some toys they can play with to keep happy and occupied. Photoshoots are thrilling to me, but I can see how young kids would get bored pretty fast!


If in doubt, talk to your photographer. I know I am always more than happy to help with anything clients may need!

You’re now ready to have a great maternity session!